• Gary LaPage

It's Not Fragmentation ... It's Targeting

We've all heard the saying that there are two sides to every story. I believe that is the case here. Some call the ever increasing choice of media outlets the fragmentation of media, I like to call it hyper-targeting. Think about it. If we can break audiences down to smaller groups of people with similar likes and dislikes, doesn't that make it easier for us to find them, and not harder? Doesn't it make it easier for us to figure out what to say to them, where and when? The answer is yes. Imagine you are meeting your friend at a baseball game but you arrive at different times and they have already grabbed a seat. You walk into the stadium and look around ... will you find them? No. If you know they are sitting on level 1, section 110, row G, won't it be a whole lot easier to find them? Yes. The same idea applies to finding your target audience. If we know they like sports, we find sports outlets, if we know they like baseball, we find baseball specific programming, it we know they only watch on the weekends then we only run on the weekends. The days of blasting your message to everyone all the time are gone. Even if you could afford to do that you shouldn't. Your customer doesn't want that. Figure out where your potential customer is, what they are doing there, and when they want to hear from you. Now you can put the right message in the right place and at the right time. That's targeting.

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